Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catch My Drift?

Hey! Guess what it's doing this weekend in Eastern PA? Snowing!

Guess what it did yesterday in Eastern PA? Snow!

Guess what it did the day before in Eastern PA? Snow!

Guess what it did LAST weekend in Eastern PA? Yep, you got it - snow!

How about the weekend before in Eastern PA? Almost stumped you there...but yes it did indeed snow.

It's been a record breaking, biblical, apocalyptic, snow-event year. 

I've really been trying to ignore the awful winter weather - just do what needs to be done and move forward. I've written about my anti-affection for the snow in the past and I've been trying not to make my blog a running commentary on it. (See: Shovel Snowverkill, Say It Ain't Snow)

Well, to show me that she is one who will not be ignored, Mother Nature has dumped about 20 inches on us in the past three days. The up-tight, menopausal, bitch.

I have shoveled so much snow that my hands feel like they've bent inward...

My dogs don't want to go outside anymore. Walking on the sidewalk is like walking in between walls of snow taller than the 'Great Wall of China'. There is no place to frolic, unless they want to 'tread snow'.
Not my dog, but a good example of  'treading snow'!
So dear readers, that's the weather report from the 'New Siberia' once known as Pennsylvania. I promise I will not lament about Eastern PA's frozen precipitation problem again (well, maybe until next winter). I look forward to the spring... 

With my luck, spring will bring a wave of locusts or it will rain frogs.
Frog rain.

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