Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miss Me?

Did you miss me?

I thought I would write while I was on vacation in Disney World, but alas I was wrong. Something is wrong when a vacation makes you more tired than you were when you went there. It was fun – but exhausting.

Upon my return, I immediately began a new job. Because I’m trying to keep some charade of privacy, I won’t comment on the job itself. But someone working at the same place had a cold, which hit me three days later. I'm cursed…

Damn! I hate being sick. You lay down because you feel crappy and need to rest your body, and when you get up you feel worse. All the crap settles in the head, you walk around full of gack, coughing and hocking it out. And if you don’t, it flows into your chest so it can become an infection…ARGH!

So I apologize, dear readers, for my silence of late. Once I am better, I will get back to bitching and moaning and calling your attention to the weird.

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