Friday, September 13, 2013

My 'twerk' for Blogger Idol

A friend of mine sent me a link for a writing contest called 'Blogger Idol'.

Me: You're outta your mind. I just started blogging!

Her: It doesn't matter. It's for everyone, even bloggers with no followers.

Me: Hey! I have followers! Okay only six, but they follow the hell out of my blog!

Her: I didn't say you didn't have any followers. Just that you didn't need to have any followers.

Me: Oh. Will Simon be mean to me?

Her: Simon? No! This is 'Blogger Idol.' Wait, he's not on A.I. any more. Don't you watch TV?

Me. I don't watch reality TV. It's not reality. The ex-hubs (twice removed) twerks in reality TV. He's a writer.

Her: How does he twerk in reality TV?

Me: I meant work not twerk!

Her: You better proof read everything you send in.

And there you have it readers. I am going to 'audition' for 'Blogger Idol'. They are going to go through all the submissions and select 12 finalists. Those finalists will have weekly assignments for the next 3-4 months. Each week a finalist is eliminated until there is only one left.

Only 12 out of a zillion bloggers! I know!

Here is a link to Blogger Idol if you would like more information on the contest.

Wish me luck!


  1. good luck!!1

    now get to twerk

    well you know what I mean

  2. You're a funny lady!
    Unfortunately, out of over two hundred people, I was not one of the top twelve. I'll have to get even more bitchy to get noticed!

    Thanks for commenting!


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