Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Invasion of the Thing's Body Snatchers

Whilst scanning the online headlines, I noticed something in the science section that sounded a little familiar. It read something like ‘Researchers have found signs of microbe life pulled from the bottom of an ice-covered lake in Antarctica. Signs of life nearly one hundred thousand years old.

Interesting…haven’t I heard this before?

Déjà vu? Doesn’t it drive you nuts? When you know you’re on the verge of remembering something…it hovers right on the edge of your brain, floating away like a balloon a second before you can grab it?

Ugh…mental smack upside the head.

I took the dogs out to take my mind off things, and let’s face it – to let them do their business and read their ‘pee-mail’. As we came around a corner, a woman and her daughter were waiting for the school bus. With them was their very well trained Husky, sitting calmly by the tot. He became focused on my dogs. After a few tense seconds where he gave my dogs the ‘stink eye’, the Husky gave the dog nod (translation: Approved, move along). My dogs nodded back (translation: Fuck you, I’ll pee where ever the hell I want) and we moved on.

Then it hit me like a freight train filled with nuclear weapons...

‘The Thing’. John Carpenter’s 1982 remake where Kurt Russell had perfect hair and a horrid beard. (Come on people, Kurt Russell’s hair in the 80’s was just perfect, but that’s another conversation.)

The synopsis of the 1982 film is as follows: Norwegians unwittingly release an alien based life form from the ice in the Antarctic that was billions of years old. Once released it takes over their base, where they all die. The life form moves along to an American base via an Alaskan malamute. A dog that looked a lot like the Husky sitting near the tot. Gory horror ensues.

Sound familiar? Hmmmm? Because it sounds just like what’s happening in the Antarctic right now!

These so called scientists not only dug out samples – they grew cultures with them! They found fossilized DNA fragments! How do we know that these scientists growing the cultures, and playing with DNA are really human scientists anymore? 

Yeah, yeah…I hear you snickering. Spiraling your index finger around your ear, rolling your eyes and whistling the 'X-Files' tune. However, in a few weeks when military trucks are rolling down your street carrying pods and your dog is leering at you like a dirty old man waiting for you to fall asleep, remember who warned you first! 

‘They’re here already! You’re next!’ Oh wait, that’s ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’. Well, you get the idea.

Note: I may have seen too many horror movies as a kid. Oh, and it's awfully hot here today. Maybe I have heat exhaustion from walking the dogs in gaseous humidity only rivaled on the surface of the sun.

I did mention that I was a Nerd By Proxy, right?

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